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νύχια καλλιθέα


An experience of well being , cleanliness and beauty , which with the selection of our great variety of colours will lift up your appearance and aesthetics. You spread your hands on the tasteful special manicure tabourets , let fingers loose to the technician who will take care of you in best mood and when you look at your hands again pulling them back close to you you will feel …the queen itself!


Beautiful legs? Who can consider only the high calligraphic shanks if your nails are not cut straight , clean , free of hangnails and other “disfunctions” of each leg? Or if they are not well dyed in a colour which matches to your skin colour , appropriately selected to hide possible deformities and highlight the beautiful elements of your leg? Nobody…believe me!!


Dry hands and legs? Tired? Old looking? Inflammated and stiff? The only thing you need is the beneficial parafine therapy which fights luck of hydration , converts the skin to soft, young and velvet like baby skin. Hot parafine relaxes , hydrates, cures hands legs and soul. And I promise you that when covid-19 allows it , we will accompany this therapy with the respective essence in your drink!!

Nail art

Do I want to distinguish among others , be in era and fashion , have this little tiny more
distinctive that everybody wants to see closely? Fruits, flowers, landscapes, grammic designs
,season themes ,one stroke,pearls, crystals , jewellery, various effects ,glitter , mirror ,
according to temperament , mood , inspiration and moment.
-Show me your hands!
Ok, you don’ t exist!! This design is incredible!
And your smile starts from the lips , spreads to the eyes and you show prideful your nails
because of their unique style which reflects the nail art you chose.
Shall I share a secret with you? They use to say that if you outstretch your hands and show
them pridefully , it is bad luck. Well, it is oldfashioned superstition ! On the contrary NAIL
ART except from aspect and aesthetics is LUCK!! I put my signature to confirm that!